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VenturiOne v3

Applied Cytometry has released the latest version of its VenturiOne flow cytometry data analysis software.

Up to 400 files can be fully analysed concurrently in fewer than 10 seconds using the latest release. This speed is a direct result of the patent pending multi-processor technology that lies at the heart of VenturiOne.

In addition to performing such rapid batch analyses, VenturiOne v3 also produces significantly enhanced reports, generated from within the software itself.

Being able to handle up to 400 files at one time makes the new version of VenturiOne ideal for analysing data generated from multiple 96-well formats, right up to 384 well plates. Furthermore, its inherent flexibility and simplicity of set-up means it can handle the vast majority of a laboratory’s routine workload.

As standard, the new software works in background calculation mode, which means that files are analysed as soon as they are selected. This considerably speeds up the time to result while removing the need to select all the required files before each run commences. However, when larger data files need to be analysed, for example in rare event detection, the background mode can be switched off. This allows files to be analysed sequentially, thereby avoiding any delays in reporting. There is also scope to modify protocols on the fly.

The speed of VenturiOne v3 means users now have the time to perform numerous 'what if' analyses on their data to help them identify classifier populations and outcomes they would otherwise have missed had they relied on standard flow cytometry analysis protocols, running on slower software packages.

Once the data has been analysed, it can be presented in easy-to-interpret graphics using the newly enhanced report capabilities of VenturiOne v3. Since these are incorporated into the new software, there is no need to export the data to a standalone reporting package. In designing the report generation, Applied Cytometry’s programmers have ensured it is intuitive and easy to learn by anyone used to modern office tools.


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