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Starlims evolving journey

The past 5 years have been busy for STARLIMS. Historically, STARLIMS was a customisation services business, and the goal then for the company was to make the product out-of-box and standardised globally. Today, customers can easily fine-tune the solution to fit their lab’s unique workflows, thanks to intuitive configuration tools. In the meantime, it also allows STARLIMS’ team to plan for the future and focus on innovating and continuing to deliver in the pipeline of R&D.

This July, STARLIMS announced the release of Technology Platform V12.2. The new technology platform features a powerful Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) system using modern HTML5 technologies.  It helps maximize lab efficiency and ensure compliance by allowing execution of test workflows without interruption.

This year, STARLIMS launched a new SDMS product – standalone Scientific Data Management System. In addition to being available as part of the STARLIMS integrated solution, it is now available as a standalone product to help clients achieve compliance with the data integrity expectations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as other regulatory authorities. It can work with an existing LIMS or without a LIMS.

Also, in 2021, for the first time, a brand new STARLIMS LES – Lab Execution System product was brought to the market with the release of STARLIMS QM12.2. With STARLIMS LES, customers can ensure Standard Operating Procedures are being followed and tasks are being developed in a compliant and controlled manner for regulated labs. It is a fully touch-enabled interface system that works seamlessly on smart devices and is fully mobile enabled in the labs. 

For years, achieving digital transformation in the lab has been the underlying goal. As a result, information automation management and the establishment of Smart Labs have become a priority for labs to achieve productivity and efficiency gains, as their organisations continue to grow. To support customers on their lean journey to Smart Labs, the inclusion of futuristic technologies is essential, including IoT and AR, etc. With continual product releases, STARLIMS stays current and relevant.

A typical example is the Digital Assistant. The solution provides the ability to interact with the STARLIMS HTML5 solution using user voice. Customers can utter commands using the microphone, launch applications and KPIs, conduct hands-free workflows while away from desk, build their own skills to meet individual business needs. The toolkit automatically translates all the configurations into machine-learning AI models, which are used to train the Digital Assistant.


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