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Spresimobile, an application for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad devices that provides access to InfoChem’s ChemReact database, has been released and is available in the iTunes AppStore. Jointly developed by InfoChem and Eidogen-Sertanty, Spresimobile enables users to search chemicals by name or structure, browse molecules, conditions, properties and references, and navigate through reactions where a specific chemical is participating either as Reactant or as Product. Containing more than 410,000 chemical reactions and related information, ChemReact is a representative subset of Spresi, InfoChem’s structure and reaction database which covers reactions published between 1974 and 2010.

The commercial availability and journal article links take users to the main suppliers’ or publishers’ websites. In addition, users can share structures and reactions via email or open them within other mobile applications that support standard .mol or .rxn formats. Spresimobile uses the structure editor from MMDS by Molecular Materials Informatics.


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