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BioFocus DPI has released five new compound libraries targeting the ion channel gene family. The new libraries are aimed at voltage-dependent and ligand-gated channels - two of the most important and commonly chosen classes of ion channels for drug discovery.

The three new SoftFocus Ion Channel libraries primarily target voltage-dependent channels, focusing on sodium and calcium channels to complement BioFocus DPI’s earlier libraries focused on potassium channels. These libraries were designed using BioFocus DPI’s proprietary chemogenomic tool Helical Domain Recognition Analysis.

The two new FieldFocus libraries target members of the transient receptor potential (TRP) channel, including TPRV, TRPM and TRPAs, and were created in with Cresset BioMolecular’s FieldPrint technology.

The compounds within these five new ion channel libraries have attractive physicochemical properties, making them ideal starting points in drug discovery programmes.


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