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SIwave 4.0

Ansys has released v4.0 of its SIWave software, with new features for signal integrity, power integrity and electromagnetic compatibility testing. It includes numerous enhancements including an improved desktop graphical user interface with new post-processing of results, solver enhancements that provide accurate solutions beyond 10Gb/s, and automation that links SIwave electromagnetics with circuit simulation using Ansoft Designer and Nexxim. Additionally, a new link between electromagnetics and thermal analysis has been created for board and package thermal effects via Ansys Icepak software. The link enables accurate characterisation of additional heating due to copper-resistive losses that engineers have previously estimated or ignored completely.

SIwave technology is an electromagnetic field solver that performs broadband signal- and power-integrity analyses along with DC voltage and current analysis for complete boards and packages. SIwave software offers comprehensive electromagnetic interference and compatibility analyses, and it has the unique ability to couple board and package electromagnetic fields with HFSS technology for complete system-level simulation.


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