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Pam-Stamp 2015

ESI Group has announced the latest version of its sheet metal forming simulation and die face design solution, Pam-Stamp 2015. Addressing the needs of OEMs and tier-suppliers in the automotive, aerospace and heavy industries, Pam-Stamp precisely predicts the outcome of complete sheet metal forming processes. For manufactures, this saves time and costs throughout the entire product development cycle — from conceptual design to try-out and production. For tooling suppliers, the solution enables production die engineering by providing high quality, predictive simulation to support styling of outer panels and also the development of new lightweight structural parts.

Pam-Stamp 2015 delivers enhanced topology checking and geometry clean up and repair to enable the most efficient geometry based die face design. Furthermore, with Die Starter, a brand new technology to generate the die surfaces needed to create a part, it is possible in the styling and design phase to automatically generate the die tools and to validate the forming results. The same technology can also be used in the concept development phase to generate a starting point for refined die face design.

By accurately accounting for all aspects of the stamping process, Pam-Stamp enables full feasibility assessment early in the process. It supports tooling and design engineers from concept through selection of tooling methods to try-out and final production, predicting the outcome of every step in the manufacturing chain before making any real prototypes. Pam-Stamp’s results can be easily transported to the ESI Virtual Performance Solution so that product performance models properly reflect the 'as manufactured' components.

ESI Pam-Stamp 2015 includes enhanced capabilities and new modules for CAD cleanup, piece cost estimation, nesting (to minimise raw material waste) and die surface design. These modules work with ESI’s platform Visual-Environment and Dassault Systèmes’ Catia V5 to provide a very complete and efficient solution for sheet metal forming engineering.


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