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Simulink Real-Time

MathWorks has announced the introduction of Simulink Real-Time into the Simulink product family. Available with the company’s Release 2014a (R2014a), Simulink Real-Time enables engineers to build, test, and run real-time applications from Simulink models on dedicated target computer hardware connected to their physical systems, providing a complete end-to-end real-time simulation and testing solution.

Combining the functionality of xPC Target and xPC Target Embedded Option, Simulink Real-Time supports real-time simulation and testing including rapid control prototyping, DSP, vision system prototyping, and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. With this introduction, engineers can extend their Simulink models with driver blocks, automatically generate real-time applications, define instrumentation, and perform interactive or automated runs on a dedicated target computer equipped with a real-time kernel, multicore CPU, I/O and protocol interfaces, and FPGAs. Also, the addition of a high-resolution real-time target display as a new feature within Simulink Real-Time allows for a fully integrated user experience.

“Simulink Real-Time is the latest step forward by MathWorks in delivering a complete software and hardware system for these applications,” said Paul Barnard, marketing director, MathWorks. “Engineers can now perform continuous real-time testing of their entire system without interruption. They can build an integrated simulated system that realistically responds to its environment, resulting in reduced costs and improved quality of physical and control systems, including their software.”

The Lockheed Martin Skunk Works recently used Simulink Real-Time during its end-to-end design, analysis, simulation, testing, and deployment of the X-56A, a research aircraft built for the Air Force Research Lab’s Multi-Utility Aeroelastic Demonstrator program. X-56A’s communication interfaces, signal conditioning, mode logic, navigation, and closed-loop flight controls were all designed in Simulink and prototyped and deployed using Simulink Real-Time. Furthermore, independent researchers were able to copy their flight control design directly into the Skunk Works’ Simulink model and build a new OFP with Simulink Real-Time.


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