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SIMCA-P+ Version 12

Umetrics has launched SIMCA-P+ Version 12, which is a multivariate analysis software that performs cluster analysis and PLS regression with classification trees.

It has full OPLS and O2PLS functionalities and improved support for hierarchical PCA and PLS. The analysis of batch data is improved through summarised contribution plots that can be resolved to the level of individual variables. 

Local centring, trimming and Winsorising can be made per phase. Direct communication between SIMCA-P+ 12 and EZInfo, an interactive software program from Umetrics, makes routine analysis of reoccurring tasks secure and easy, allowing for the distribution of reports among collaborators.

Additionally, the direct input of MODDE-8 files and the export of scores from SIMCA-P+ 12 to MODDE-8 facilitates the use of MVDA for fully or partly designed data sets.

SIMCA-P+ Version 12 software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for immediate use in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, from R&D to Manufacturing.


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