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EZinfo Version 2.0

Umetrics has launched EZinfo Version 2.0, featuring Umetrics’ SIMCA technology and offering improved speed, ease of use, convenience and many new features. 

EZinfo Version 2.0 provides application specific add-ons, including spectral data analysis that permits preprocessing of spectra, wavelength identification and the creation of numerous informative plots. EZinfo Version 2.0 is fully customisable, from the model preprocessing specifications to the report templates, and offers an enhanced report format that includes imagery importation.

EZinfo Version 2.0 has two special templates for NIR and Raman spectral data analyses and preprocessing for the data includes 1st and 2nd derivatives, SNV, and MSC. The customised EZreport for specific applications uses models built on SIMCA-P+ or EZinfo, and runs EZinfo in command line mode to produce reports that can then be distributed by email. All data import file formats of SIMCA-P+ 11.5 are available and data sets can be saved as templates (including as the default template). OPLS and OPLS-DA are available for data with one Y or two groups, respectively.


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