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SigmaPlot 12

The latest version of Systat Software’s scientific data analysis and graphing software package has been released. SigmaPlot 12 provides researchers with an enriched user interface, increased ease of use and new features to analyse data and create exact, publication-quality graphs that deliver research results for presentation, publication or the web.

Designed specifically for professional researchers, this updated version contains workflow efficiency improvements, new enhancements to SigmaPlot's curve fitting features and a wider range of graphing options, including radar and dot density graphs. Users can also access 100 of the most frequently used statistical procedures for analysing scientific research directly from the SigmaPlot statistics menu with step-by-step guided statistical analysis.

Additionally, the Enzyme Kinetics module is now integrated into SigmaPlot providing further enzyme kinetics analysis features and graph types such as Michaelis-Menten, Lineweaver-Burk, Eadie-Hofstee, Scatchard, Hanes-Woolf, Hill and Dixon. A normal distribution comparison feature is available for quality control analyses and the curve fitter can now use generalised weighting, and analyse implicitly defined equations.


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