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Mystat 12

Systat Software has launched Mystat 12, a freely downloadable statistical analysis software package designed specifically for use by students and the teaching community.

Mystat 12 has many of the core statistical functions available in the Systat 12 product and contains standard statistical and graphical functionality, as well as teaching aids such as Random Sampling and a Probability Calculator.

While it contains statistical and graphical features related to topics that are generally covered in undergraduate-level and beginning-graduate level statistics-related courses, it also includes advanced functions not normally found in introductory statistics packages, such as the Loglinear Model, as well as Logit, Probit, and Nonlinear Regression. Mystat can accept a maximum of 100 variables with no limit on the number of cases.

The installables that are available at, will be of immense help to students in virtually any course that involves quantitative analysis, including psychology, social sciences, biology, economics and market research.


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