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Shaderlight v0.2

ArtVPS has released version 0.2 of Shaderlight, its interactive rendering plug-in for 3ds Max, featuring a number of performance and quality improvements.

At the heart of Shaderlight is the ability to make interactive changes to key image attributes that would conventionally require the rendering process to be started again from scratch. Changes to materials, environments, lights and textures (MELT changes) can be made at any stage in the rendering process, even on high-resolution production images. As well as introducing support for 3ds Max 2010, Shaderlight 0.2 includes improvements to MELT change functionality and improved performance for the core progressive ray-tracer.

News features in Shaderlight 0.2 include: support for 3ds Max 2010; improved sampling; improved MELT change super-sampling; improved progressive rendering performance for glossy materials; and 'always on top' functionality.


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