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Calculus Study Guide

Maplesoft has released a new Calculus Study Guide based on Maple, the mathematical computing software for education and research in mathematics, engineering, and the sciences.

This second edition takes advantage of Maple´s Clickable Math approach to cover introductory courses in differential and integral single-variable calculus, making this fundamental subject more easily understood by students.

The guide provides over 450 worked examples taken from more than 65 topics.

Almost all the problems are solved using interactive, point-and-click methods, allowing students to focus on the mathematical concepts instead of the mechanical details. Summaries of key concepts are provided for each topic. These summaries make use of Maple´s extensive visualisation abilities, including illuminating animations that could never be found in a traditional, static study guide or textbook.

For instructors, this guide can act as a manual on how to implement calculus in Maple using Clickable Math techniques.  With its systematic coverage of all of single-variable calculus, instructors can quickly learn how to leverage Maple´s computation and visualisation abilities in the classroom to provide students with engaging, illuminating examples of important concepts. Because the examples are done using Clickable Math, neither the instructor nor the student needs to spend time learning syntax or memorising commands. Instead, they can immediately focus on exploring and understanding the mathematics.


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