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SciFinder 2007

SciFinder 2007, from Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) will make it easier for scientists to fine-tune their answer sets for chemistry-related literature, substances, and reactions. Other features of SciFinder 2007 will enable users to process records more conveniently.

SciFinder 2007 introduces several options and features to enhance the exploration of CAS’s extensive information resources. These improvements will allow users to combine answer sets for substances, reactions and references. Users will be able to combine a saved answer set with an ‘active’ set of answers in SciFinder, to arrive at a focused set of answers; for example, references for a given research topic can be combined with the results of a saved author search; options to ‘combine’, ‘intersect’ or ‘remove’ answer sets allow the user to include only the desired references from the saved and active sets.

Users can export commercial chemical records from Chemcats into Excel, and, for added convenience, users will be able to easily capture a chemical structure from a substance answer display and then use it to search by structure in the massive CAS Registry database. Multiple chemical structures can be printed in a grid arrangement for an efficient comparative view, and SciFinder users will derive added value from journal literature searches, using new options to view full journal titles and use the full or abbreviated titles in the bibliographic software packages Reference Manager, EndNote and ProCite.


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