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Scaleway releases Kubernetes Kosmos

Scaleway, a multi-cloud service provider for startups and developers, has released Kubernetes Kosmos, a multi-cloud managed Kubernetes engine.

With Kubernetes Kosmos, developers can attach nodes on any cloud provider or local resource, whether or not other providers offer a managed Kubernetes solution - with a fixed price per cluster of €99 per month, regardless of the number of nodes.

With more than 1,300 companies already deploying Kubernetes to more than a third of Scaleway’s total infrastructure, the company is quickly becoming one of the leading names in the Kubernetes community - thanks to Scaleway’s Kubernetes Kapsule, its managed Kubernetes engine. Now, with Kubernetes Kosmos, Kubernetes developers can extend Kubernetes Kapsule beyond the compute infrastructure to any machine - Instances from any provider, Bare Metal products, colocated machines, or their personal infrastructure.

Yann Lechelle, CEO Scaleway comments: ‘Until now, most multi-cloud adoption was a result of opportunism - picking up infrastructure from one provider that another didn’t have, or in a geography where the other wasn’t present. With Kosmos, we are facilitating the transition to a true multi-cloud strategy, leveraging the same managed Kubernetes solution that developers have praised for its ease of use and performance, and taking it one step further.’ 

As public cloud adoption continues to accelerate, an increasing number of companies continue to embrace multi-cloud strategies - and this is largely because they offer companies the flexibility to choose the most appropriate solution for each specific need.  Despite this approach becoming the norm for cloud-native solutions, not all cloud providers are embracing this evolution, instead of shifting increasingly toward a vendor lock-in strategy. 

Kubernetes Kosmos is a unique way to engage a true Multi-Cloud strategy with managed Kubernetes across cloud provider resources. Startups and developers can now simplify their process with a single control plane instead of managing multiple clusters in different cloud providers. For a fixed price per cluster of €99 per month regardless of the number of nodes, Scaleway customers can attach external nodes hosted anywhere and manage them all from within our renowned control plane.

Kosmos benefits from the following features already available in Kapsule:

  • Centralised monitoring
  • Lifecycle automation
  • Fully managed & redundant Control Plane
  • Autoscaling pools for workload buffering

Dedicated Kosmos features:

  • Manage cross-provider clusters 
  • Manage pools on any type of infrastructure - virtual machines, dedicated servers, colocated or on-premise infrastructure
  • Take advantage of cross-provider scalability
  • High availability - benefit from performance available across all cloud providers

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