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SampleManager 10.0

Representing what Thermo Fisher Scientific describes as a major upgrade to its SampleManager LIMS platform, version 10.0's dashboard functionality is designed to address the needs of laboratory personnel, IT and system administrators, and management. User functionality includes instrument calibration, operator training records, and stock and inventory dashboards that deliver improved efficiencies, compliance and resource management.

Enhanced compliance features tie instrument and operator information to calibration samples and results so that instrument configuration and state, operator name and training level are all automatically supplied. Users can create their own reports and labels, ensuring that a full audit trail for ISO, GLP and other regulatory requirements has been produced.

Designed to integrate with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Process Information Management Systems (PIMS) and Manufacturing Executions Systems (MES), as well as other applications and instruments, SampleManager 10 has one standard user interface that enables processes within global enterprises to be standardised, facilitating the exchange of data. New data visualisation tools integrate and connect all parts of an organisation so that management can monitor and measure performance, while a new Microsoft .NET development environment provides a tool kit to make system extensibility and workflow creation simple for easier integration and configuration of the LIMS.


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