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EasyTox 2.5

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched EasyTox 2.5, a toxicology GC/MS solution for increased productivity in routine drugs of abuse analysis. Incorporating the new Thermo Scientific ToxLab Forms 2.5 software, the EasyTox 2.5 platform has been designed to reduce costs, increase sample throughput and improve productivity in forensic and clinical laboratories performing analysis of urine for signs of drugs of abuse. The fully integrated solution combines the Thermo Scientific DSQ II single quadrupole GC/MS system with the new ToxLab Forms 2.5 software package and TRACE GC columns and consumables. ToxLab Forms 2.5 software features Method Forge, an automated method builder, designed to significantly reduce method development time, optimising efficiency and enabling scientists to operate in an increasingly competitive environment.

The new Thermo Scientific ToxLab Forms 2.5 software is designed specifically for the workflow of toxicology laboratories. Method Forge simplifies method development by acquiring and then library searching a full scan data file and building a method with the results. Method Forge also allows the input of peak integration and other method settings, which can be customised further within the method as needed. Additionally, the intuitive templates and wizards of ToxLab Forms 2.5 simplify day-to-day sample analysis, and the powerful Smart Reporting function facilitates real-time incorporation of any data changes into the reports, eliminating the need for reprocessing and reanalysis.


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