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RNA Integrity Database

Agilent Technologies has puts its RNA Integrity Database online and made it free of charge. Because RNA quality-control criteria are defined experimentally, this repository of shared data from Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer allows users to eliminate the need to repeat validation experiments, saving significant time and money.

In addition to having free access, users needn’t register to avail themselves of this Web-based resource. A validated Agilent bioanalyzer user can contribute data either as an individual, as an organisation or anonymously, and the usefulness of the database will increase over time as more entries are uploaded. At launch, the repository is populated with 650 total RNA profiles that extend across human, mouse, rat, and several plant species and tissues.

RNA electropherograms include metadata like the RNA source, extraction method, RNA Integrity Number and downstream experiment quality data. User privacy is assured, and Agilent scientists will initially curate the data to assure high content quality and relevance until an external team is appointed in the coming months.


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