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Penguin Computing's Intel-based product portfolio

Penguin Computing has announced the immediate availability of the company's new product portfolio that is entirely based on the new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 family. The new line-up includes the Relion series rack-mounted servers, Icebreaker series storage solutions and Niveus series workstations. The new products are designed to enable technical and scientific users to achieve a higher simulation throughput.

Compared to the previous generation of CPUs, the performance benefits of the new processor line include AVX instructions for higher computational throughput, support for the third generation PCI-E architecture for higher I/O bandwidth, level three cache of up to 20MB, support for higher memory speeds and additional memory controller for increased memory bandwidth. The company has been providing early access to this new processor architecture through its public HPC cloud offering, Penguin On Demand (POD).


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