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Reliable 3D CAD model comparison

Analyzing the geometry changes on new versions of complex CAD models is a major challenge for engineers. Differences to the older file versions must be reliably found and documented in an easily understandable way. To make this task easier for project engineers and designers, the software manufacturer CoreTechnologie has revised its CAD viewer 3D_Analyzer.

The new version of the 3D_Analyzer viewer and analysis software now offers a new function to automatically add 3D annotations and predefined views of geometry differences. 

This also comprises the capability to save the results in JT, STEP 242, 3D PDF and the 3D_Analyzer native format. The software manufacturer thus provides project engineers and designers with a solution to make geometry changes visible in a fast and easy way.

Fast and Precise Comparison

The geometric model comparison quickly and precisely determines all changes between two CAD models and displays them clearly marked in color on the two model versions. Also, the color Information on the 3D models can be saved in the native 3D_Analyzer format as well as in JT, STEP 242 and 3D PDF.

Measurement and Documentation of Deviations

With the neutral formats the determined changes can be documented and passed on to external partners enriched with extensive information. The changes documented in the 3D model can be directly zoomed and optimally aligned by means of the saved views. The measurement of the deviations is based on the exact B-Rep CAD models and is therefore extremely accurate. Especially for very extensive models the color-coded changes generated by 3D_Analyzer as well as the 3D annotations and the views can be displayed best in the native format of the viewer as well as in JT format. 

The 3D_Analyzer compares the 3D geometry as well as the assembly structure and PMI of models from native and standard formats such as Catia, Nx, Solidworks, Creo, JT, Step and other major formats. For an automated workflow, the comparison and conversion can take place in batch mode.


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