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Genedata Selector release enhances automation support for biosafety applications

Genedata, a provider of enterprise software for biopharmaceutical R&D, has announced a new release of its Genedata Selector software platform that enables the automation of complex next-generation sequencing (NGS) based workflows. 

The release Genedata Selector 7.0 provides important new functionalities that automate the detection of adventitious agents and the assessment of cell line stability. Coupled with scientific domain expertise, Genedata is well-positioned to address the growing demands of the biopharmaceutical industry related to the digitalisation of NGS-based workflows from early cell line engineering to late quality and biosafety testing. 

Genedata Selector enables customers to perform NGS-based biosafety in-house rather than outsourcing to external providers and thus streamlines the entire biosafety testing process. With Genedata Selector, results can be generated in hours rather than weeks. More and more leading biopharmaceutical companies are now adopting Genedata Selector for biosafety assessment and quality control due to its efficient data management, unique data integration, and scalable data analysis capabilities. The adoption of the software provides a higher throughput and ultimately results in reduced costs per tested sample, while enabling biopharmaceutical companies to protect their valuable IP. 

Beyond software, Genedata provides consulting services in support of developing NGS-based assays for biosafety testing. 

Release 7.0 of Genedata Selector further strengthens several key features:

Cell Line Heterogeneity and Stability Analysis with a new functionality based on single-cell RNA sequencing (ScRNAscRNA-Seq), which can be combined with variant analysis capabilities to assess cell line stability.

Process Transparency and Control, by providing new comprehensive overviews of activities related to ongoing processes, and new playbooks (step-by-step guided interfaces), which enable greater insight on data analysis, sample tracking, and reporting. In particular, these new features support internal release processes, as well as automation and compliance requirements.  

Data Security, enabling the tracking of samples and full control of user access to data during the whole analytical process, which is particularly important for IP protection and regulatory compliance. 

Team Onboarding and Collaboration, through enhanced user interfaces that enable efficient collaboration between different users and sharing of data across functional units. This also accelerates the onboarding of new team members. 

In addition to quality monitoring, biopharmaceutical companies are also leveraging Genedata Selector to streamline all their NGS-related workflows in cell line development and bioprocess optimisation. This allows companies to track all their NGS and related data throughout the entire development process in a secure, transparent, in-house system.

Dr Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata comments: ‘With Genedata Selector, our focus is on eliminating major bottlenecks in biopharmaceutical development by automating complex NGS-based workflows. With this latest release, we have made a major step forward in streamlining a key workflow in assessing the biosafety of innovative biotherapeutics. With Genedata Selector, we remain committed to continuously improving other NGS-based workflows to support the biopharmaceutical industry in their goal to become more efficient in their R&D processes.’



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