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Raima Database API for LabView

Database management system technology developer Raima has announced a strategic relationship with National Instruments to integrate Raima’s RDM Embedded technology directly into NI LabView. According to the company, this will provide seamless database access from within LabView, eliminating external database connectivity and communication issues during programming, while simplifying export to systems for run-time operation.

RDM Embedded is a fast, cross platform database that provides robust, industrial-strength data storage, data retrieval and data manipulation capabilities for an embedded or real-time application. Raima Database API for LabView will enable users to program and test systems within a LabView native interface based on standard ODBC API connectivity. Users can program and test in LabView under Windows, and then move the program to VxWorks for operation. Support NI Linux Real-Time is currently under development.

LabView is a graphical programming platform that helps engineers scale from design to test, and from small to large systems. It provides software for any measurement or control system, integrating all the tools that engineers and scientists need to solve even the most complex applications, quickly and effectively.


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