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Qlucore receives Euro 545,000 investment

Bioinformatics software company Qlucore has enhanced its financial position with a combination of a rights issue and a development loan from Swedish regional development fund ALMI. Investment from the two sources is Euro 545,000. This injection of capital will increase the development team at the firm’s head office in Lund, Sweden and increase the Qlucore sales force in the USA.

Carl-Johan Ivarsson, president, Qlucore commented: 'We are grateful to ALMI and the shareholders of Qlucore for supporting the growth ambitions of the firm’s management. This investment will enable us to significantly enhance the speed of Qlucore’s continued growth by increasing the development and sales teams. This will be particularly noticeable in the US market which we have identified as key to the future success of Qlucore.'

According to the company, extensive use by current clients is providing a platform for increased growth. This is exemplified by the number of published scientific articles that reference Qlucore’s use which has now passed the 270 mark, showing the increasing deployment of the software within the international scientific research community.


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