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SAE Collegiate Design competitors turn to Maplesoft

Participating teams in the Formula SAE and SAE Aero Design 2015 competitions had the opportunity to use Maplesoft's tools in their product designs, thanks to the company's sponsorship of the SAE Collegiate Design Competitions.

The annual SAE Collegiate Design Series draws post-secondary students from around the world to competitions that challenge them to turn classroom theory into hands-on experience as they design formula-style racing cars, radio-controlled aircrafts, snowmobiles, single-person, or fuel efficient vehicles. Teams collaborate from the initial design process through to competition, and in the process acquire and apply skills that they will later use as engineers.

Participants had the opportunity to add a suite of Maplesoft products to their toolkit: Maple, the technical computing software; MapleSim, the advanced system-level modeling tool; the MapleSim Connector, a tool which allows users to export MapleSim models as Simulink S-function blocks; and the Driveline Library, a collection of components, transmission sub-assemblies, and complete powertrain examples that show the use of components in driveline applications. Teams from several countries including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, India and Poland, as well as teams from all across North America, have chosen to add Maplesoft tools to their toolbox. They have used them, for example, to simulate a suspension system, to calculate the heat-dump of a radiator, or to do a virtual test-run of their vehicles.

'Maplesoft’s contributions impact the students’ overall success in our competitions – both on and off the track,' noted Kaley Zundel, Formula SAE program manager, SAE International. 'No matter which team scores the most points, at the end of the day, every team is exposed to the same valuable experience, and receives the opportunity to participate in a competition that requires more than just engineering knowledge but also skills like project management and team work. In addition, the exposure our students get to industry professionals through sponsors like Maplesoft only adds to the importance of these programmes.'

The 2015 SAE Collegiate Design series concluded at the end of June. More than 50 teams have taken advantage of Maplesoft’s offer so far.


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