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Project Team Builder (PTB)

The Altair Partner Alliance has announced the addition of the Project Team Builder (PTB) software from SandboxModel. The PTB Analytics tool is designed to assist project managers in significantly reducing the risk of planning and executing their projects. It uses simulation technology to predict the project outcome resulting in better decision making, more accurate forecasts and ultimately better project results.

PTB is comprised of two modules, the Scenario Builder module and the Simulator Module. The Scenario Builder allows users to define the problem space by creating the project model, while the Simulator Module takes a predefined project and runs simulations on it.

Available for the last 12 years, Altair’s unit-based licensing system provides HyperWorks users with customisable access to a growing portfolio of applications, optimising their return on investment by making more than 28 in-house developed applications available by use of a single pool of recyclable HyperWorks units (HWUs). HyperWorks users can download Project Team Builder at


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