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PredictionBase 6.1

IDBS has released the latest version of its in silico modelling application, PredictionBase 6.1. Acknowledging the increasing need for standardisation and validation regarding predictive modelling, PredictionBase is the first application of its kind to include a Model Quality Calculator (MQC). The MQC allows quality assurance of models developed both within the PredictionBase suite and from the user’s existing algorithms created outside PredictionBase. By linking model deployment with business rules, the MQC prevents inferior models from being distributed to bench scientists, giving an invaluable measure of predictive model quality and applicability not previously available. 

As part of IDBS’ commitment to the advancement of in silico predictive technology, the MQC is also available as a free downloadable module, allowing all users of predictive technology to apply quality assurance to existing and new models.


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