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Portable workstations available with 2nd Gen Intel Core Processors

NextComputing has announced the addition of the 2nd generation Intel Core processor line-up to its Radius all-in-one portable workstations. With the addition of these latest processors, based on Intel’s newly redesigned micro-architecture, code-named ‘Sandy Bridge’, users can expect greatly improved performance for any processing-intensive application due to numerous design enhancements at the chip level.

Based on Intel’s 32nm process, the ‘Sandy Bridge’ architecture represents the next major step in the evolution of Intel micro-architecture. Users can expect better performance at higher clock speeds while consuming less power than the previous generation Intel Core processors. These 2nd Generation processors also include an on-die graphics processing unit (GPU), allowing the processor to adjust its performance and power consumption depending on an application’s needs for general purpose processing, graphics, or both. In addition, features such as optimised Intel Turbo Boost and Intel Hyper-Threading technology offer intelligent core clock-speed throttling and multi-threading capabilities respectively, giving a significant performance boost for demanding applications.

NextComputing’s Radius series of portable workstations feature high-performance Intel Core i7 processing, multiple full-length / full-height PCI Express slots, and multiple Tbytes of internal and removable storage – all in a compact, briefcase-sized system with integrated display.


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