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NextDimension flextop computers

NextComputing, providers of high-performance, portable computers, has added touchscreen technology to its entire line of NextDimension flextop computers.

The convenience and usability of touchscreens is widely known in the consumer market. It is less commonplace in high-tech industries, which require more equipment to perform complex applications. A user would typically need a high-performance computer and a separate touch-enabled display. NextComputing has integrated the display into the system itself, making it an all-in-one appliance, enabling use in places not possible before. The system is portable, takes up very little space and retains features, such as high-performance quad-core processors, multiple PCI and PCI Express slots, and high storage capacity. Resolution remains the same at up to 1,920 x 1,200.

Broadcast applications, such as live web streaming, are easier to manage from a user perspective with a touchscreen. Open standards architecture and multiple OS support allow most touchscreen-enabled applications to run seamlessly.


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