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Platform HPC Enterprise Edition

Platform Computing has launched Platform HPC Enterprise Edition, a comprehensive cluster management solution to help set up and use a cluster with more power and simplicity for technical application users. Installed and managed from a single console, Platform HPC Enterprise Edition features an integrated system of cluster configuration, deployment, monitoring and management capabilities that address the needs of general cluster environments. With application integration support for some of the most popular HPC applications, users can harness the flexibility, power, and scalability needed to radically improve the performance of their applications.

Platform HPC Enterprise Edition can easily deploy, run and manage the entire lifecycle of an HPC cluster. Featuring a web portal as the single interface for both users and administrators the solution allows users to submit and manage their jobs, view results and access job data with commonly-used commercial applications. In addition, the integrated solution reduces the time and effort required for application deployment and for cluster installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Platform HPC Enterprise Edition includes Platform Cluster Manager, Platform LSF, Platform MPI (formerly called HP MPI), Platform Application Center, Platform RTM monitoring dashboard, and Platform ISF Adaptive Cluster for making HPC clusters dynamic.

Platform HPC Enterprise Edition also includes integration support for popular HPC applications. This integration support is available through the Platform HPC Enterprise Edition web portal, providing easy deployment and intuitive use for these application workloads on the HPC cluster.  Support is initially included for Abaqus, Ansys, Blast, Eclipse, Fluent, LS-Dyna, and Nastran.


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