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Platform GPU kits

Platform Computing has introduced GPU kits for its Platform Cluster Manager and Platform HPC Workgroup products, to support Nvidia's Cuda-enabled GPUs. Platform Computing's GPU kits make it easier for administrators to build, provision, manage and schedule workloads on Nvidia GPU-based HPC clusters.

GPU-based clusters are the most rapidly growing segment of the HPC market, because they provide significantly more compute capacity at a fraction of the cost. Nvidia Tesla-based GPUs feature up to 240 cores and 1 teraflop of processing power per processing GPU, as opposed to four cores of processing power found in traditional server CPUs. Platform's Cluster Manager and HPC Workgroup Manager simplify building, managing and scheduling GPU-based clusters. Deployed with a single-click install, Platform Computing's GPU kits allow users to quickly provision the clusters they need using Nvidia's solutions.  


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