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PBS Professional Support

Altair has announced PBS Professional support for cross-domain configurations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, delivering new security capabilities for HPC workload management. PBS supports cross-domain (also known as multi-level security) systems, and provides configurable shared environments where security and performance are top priorities, such as classified research and development communities, and government organisations. This is achieved through features such as Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), data labelling, and continuous monitoring of security controls.

The inclusion of SELinux into Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides configuration that allows users and data at different security levels to share the same hardware. This cross-domain supercomputing platform aims to reduce HPC procurement costs, by reducing data centre footprints and power consumption by simplifying IT architecture.

PBS Professional is the flagship product for PBS Works, a comprehensive suite for optimising HPC environments that offers additional tools for Web-based submission, analytics and data management.

Altair is working with a user to produce a case study documenting specific gains enabled by the cross-domain solution, expected to be finalized in Q1 2014.


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