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Pathway Studio Web Plant

Elsevier has released Pathway Studio Web Plant, a web-based research solution that helps plant scientists explore breeding through trait analysis, and enables them to make more informed decisions at critical stages of crop production and protection research.

Pathway Studio Web Plant has a unique knowledgebase of molecular relationships and curated pathways from three model plant organisms: arabidopsis, maize, and rice. It also provides powerful analytical and visualisation tools, that help plant biologists contextualise complex biology involved in conditions that affect crop yield, such as drought sensitivity and disease resistance.

Currently the Pathway Studio Plant knowledge base contains information on more than 130,000 molecular interactions, extracted from 60,000 full text plant-specific articles. Maintained by Elsevier and updated weekly as part of the subscription agreement, the Pathway Studio knowledgebase and pathway collections summarise the state of current research on arabidopsis, maize, and rice.


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