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Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources with smart tools to track, analyze and visualize research. It's designed to find the information scientists need. Quick, easy and comprehensive, Scopus is designed by users for users to refine your research. Get your 30 day trial here!

Would you like to perform the following tasks?

  • Track references and documentation
  • Check if your idea is original
  • Track how you’re doing in comparison to your peers
  • Identify new research areas
  • Identify leading researchers for collaboration
  • Check what’s hot in your field (trends)
  • Evaluate researcher’s and institution’s activities
  • See how a journal is doing (by issues and years)
  • Find reviewers, expand reviewer database

Scopus can greatly benefit your work and allows you to stay up-to-date in your research area.

Quick facts about Scopus:

  • 15,000 peer-reviewed journals* from more than 4,000 international publishers
  • Including also 700 titles in Computer Sciences
  • Full integration of
  • 275 million scientific web pages
  • 21 million patents from 5 patent offices
  • References go back to 1996, abstracts go back further
  • Daily updated with new information

Scopus improves research productivity and effectiveness by offering:

  • A simple and intuitive interface to quickly refine your results
  • Seamless linking to full-text articles and other library resources
  • Alerts, RSS and HTML feeds to stay up-to-date on new articles matching your search query
  • The Scopus Citation Tracker to simply find, check and track citation data year by year and in real-time
  • The Scopus Author Identifier to distinguish between results from authors with the same name and to capture all results for an author whose name is recorded in different ways
  • PatentCites to track how primary research is practically applied in patents WebCites to track the influence of peer-reviewed research on web literature
  • Instant display of the abstract on result pages allowing for a quick ‘relevance’ check

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