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Pathway Studio Version 6

Ariadne has released Pathway Studio version 6, featuring gene expression analysis tools, updated pathway collection, and a new look and feel.

Designed to overcome the scientific information overload, Ariadne’s Pathway Studio organises and visualises knowledge from many data sources and facilitates different fields of research: RNAi, target or biomarker discovery, and many others. 

Powered by MedScan technology, Pathway Studio enables scientists to control vast amounts of publicly available information and supplements all stages of research, from preparing grant and IND applications, through experimental planning, to the analysis and interpretation of experimental results.

New version of Pathway Studio makes it easy to discover and analyse pathways affected in an experiment, or build regulation networks from the most differentially expressed genes using ResNet 6 database of 1.5 million relationships extracted from 17,000 million PubMed abstracts and 61 full text journals.


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