Pathway Studio

Elsevier, a provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has announced the launch of a web-based version of Pathway Studio, a research solution for biologists.

Additionally, Pathway Studio now incorporates biological data from Elsevier’s biology journals in addition to journals obtained through collaboration with third-party publishers. The addition of this data results in a resource the company says is unparalleled in depth and coverage of molecular interactions with supporting evidence.

The new web-based version broadly extends access to researchers to reveal new insights and to assist with critical decision-making.

'Currently, molecular facts are scattered in individual articles and researchers must gather and integrate these to advance new discovery,' said Jaqui Mason, product development director for biology products at Elsevier.

Pathway Studio presents these facts in a graphical context to help researchers assemble biological models that can be applied to target discovery programs, identify potential diagnostics, and reposition drugs. The new content included in Pathway Studio can expose a more complete picture in biology, which reduces risk, increases efficiency, and ultimately improves success rate whether it’s bringing a new drug to market or exploring a theory.'

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