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PatentSafe 4.6

Amphora Research Systems' PatentSafe has been updated to meet the stringent compliance requirements of research organisations, including the need to comply with governmental export control regimes, such as the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations, better known simply as ITAR.

PatentSafe 4.6 provides clear and comprehensive control for experimental records falling under ITAR and other export control regulations.

Using the new Document Classification features within PatentSafe, an organisation can specify which documents fall under export control and can limit access to those documents to a carefully controlled set of cleared individuals. The researcher working in the controlled area then simply identifies the document as falling under the export regime and it is automatically restricted to the controlled group, with no danger of inadvertent access by a foreign national.

In many research organisations there are differing levels of security classification. Using PatentSafe's new document classification feature companies can implement these simply and effectively.

Document classification, whether used for export control, or for general security reasons, operates on a document by document basis. It layers on top of the existing security model allowing for fine tuning of access needs to fit any situation.


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