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Antenna Magus 2.0

Magus, Computer Simulation Technology (CST) and EM Software and Systems (EMSS) have released the second major version of Antenna Magus.

The number of antenna topologies in the Antenna Magus database has almost doubled since the release of version 1.0. There are now 113 popular antennas available to be designed for a wide variety of objective values. Some of the more popular additions are the bi-quad, the axial choke horn, the travelling wave waveguide slot array, various patch arrays, the Vivaldi and the probe fed cheese.

Many other aspects of Antenna Magus have been improved with additional functionality. One addition is the Antenna Array Synthesis tool which was added to assist engineers with array synthesis. This tool designs spacings and excitation tapers for a variety of different array topologies, based on performance requirements such as gain, beamwidth or squint angle. The array design can be simulated with isotropic elements or with any one of several typical patterns. The designed spacings, excitation taper and patterns are ready for export to Feko and CST Microwave Studio.


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