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Genedata, a provider of software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, has released PatentExplorer, an interdisciplinary software tool for assessing the patent situation of novel biomolecules and targets. Part of the Genedata Phylosopher biological data management system, PatentExplorer integrates patent information to provide a comprehensive and structured analysis of patented biomolecule sequences, related claim information, and freedom-to-operate. This facilitates intellectual property evaluation from both a business and a biological standpoint. PatentExplorer was developed in close collaboration with DSM, a leading global life science company with major research programs in enzymes, nutrition, and biotechnology, to streamline DSM's global R&D activities.

PatentExplorer's primary applications are in the development of novel enzymes and engineered proteins, as well as freedom-to-operate assessment support. The software can handle commercial data sources as well as publicly available patent information. Genedata's proprietary GeneIndex technology is pivotal for the automated and systematic integration of the often disparate and duplicated DNA, RNA and protein patent sequences.


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