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Paradigm4 launches flexFS

Paradigm4, an integrated scientific data analytics company, has launched flexFS, its elastic cloud file system for flexible and more resource-efficient data storage and scalable computing.

flexFS increases data agility and reduces the costs of working with large temporal geospatial and related multimodal data sets. It delivers optimal performance for data staging, data migration, and compute-intensive analytics and machine learning. flexFS serves up industry-leading aggregate throughput, which can materially reduce compute costs by lowering “time-to-compute”.

flexFS is easy-to-use, secure, and cloud portable. As a POSIX-compatible file system, flexFS automatically interoperates with existing software, tools, and processes. Each volume can be shared by thousands of hosts concurrently. The aggregate throughput of flexFS increases as cluster size increases, where other solutions’ throughput may remain constant. A usage-based cost structure makes flexFS less expensive and more efficient to deploy than solutions where the amount of storage must be provisioned upfront for the maximum usage mark. flexFS also     has always-on encryption during transit and at rest, as well as an optional end-to-end encryption layer, ensuring that metadata and file block data are always secure. 

Gary Planthaber, VP of Advanced Technology at Paradigm4, commented: ‘With flexFS, we’re leading the way with high performance cloud infrastructure, transforming the daily pace of research and development for data scientists working with multimodal highly dimensional data. Plus, we can help companies achieve more sustainable computing by reducing time-to-compute. Whether your company is just embarking on a digital transformation initiative or already cloud-native,

flexFS is a resource-efficient, cost-effective way to manage and access cloud data storage, and we’re delighted to be bringing it to market.’


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