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The Convey Computer Corporation has announced the newest addition to its bioinformatics suite, PacBioToCA, an application that facilitates the assembly of genomes sequenced with Pacific Biosciences long-read technology. The system is optimised to take advantage of the highly parallel processing architecture of the Convey hybrid-core (HC) server.

PacBioToCA delivers six to fifteen times acceleration but also features more search parameters. The PacBio RS II DNA Sequencing System, from Pacific Biosciences, helps scientists solve genetically complex problems. Their single-molecule sequencing instruments can generate sequence read lengths that dramatically improve genome and transcriptome assembly.

Convey’s expanding bioinformatics suite is made up of a number of products including the Convey GraphConstructor for de novo short read assembly, Smith-Waterman for local sequence alignment, and Burrows-Wheeler Aligner for fast reference mapping.


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