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Accelerate Technology Laboratories (ATL) has launched the XL BOD Master, a new product aimed at wastewater laboratories. The ATL XL BOD Master is an Excel-based software tool, integrated into Sample Master Pro LIMS, which will automatically calculate and report the BOD/CBOD results based upon Standard Methods criteria in seconds. The software will flag any data that is not within acceptable limits and will complete all required calculations. It is user friendly and can easily be used by laboratory personnel and operators with minimal training. It also provides enhanced data integrity.

The package features customised or template analysis sheets with breaks between samples for ease of tracking final results, as well as user friendly drop-down menus for adding samples, dilutions, or replicates in building an analysis sheet. Results for samples are flagged in orange when not within the BOD/CBOD data criteria, and all BOD/CBOD results used in calculating the reported BOD/CBOD are colour-coded in blue. All calculations are automated with the press of a button - improving productivity, increasing accuracy and saving time.

The ATL XL BOD Master is integrated into Sample Master Pro LIMS for automated data management. It can also be purchased as a stand-alone solution. As an integrated solution, there are numerous benefits since all data is captured and stored electronically, complete with integrated calculations and error checking mechanisms to minimise transcription errors. Additionally, all data can be stored in a secure master database where data is available for automated reporting, e-mailing or viewing with others in the organisation.


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