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OriginPro Coursework

OriginLab has announced it will begin offering an OriginPro Coursework package to students and instructors at the undergraduate and graduate levels of accredited academic institutions this coming semester.

Debuted at the American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting and Exposition in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the special package is available as a free semester license for students enrolled in a class and a one-year expiring license for instructors, for a fee of $100 per course. The instructor fee may be conditionally waived upon review by OriginLab.

Colleges and universities worldwide seeking to provide students with an immersive, preparatory research experience are using Origin software in the classroom to prepare their students for future careers in science and engineering. OriginLab created the OriginPro Coursework Package to address these needs. In addition to the academic licensing, the program offers technical support to instructors, including assistance in the creation of course material.


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