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Optibrium appoints Dr Hamed Tabatabaei Ghomi as Head of Research

Optibrium, a developer of software and AI solutions for drug discovery, has announced the appointment of Dr Hamed Tabatabaei Ghomi as Head of Research. The latest in a series of senior-level hires, Hamed brings strategic and industrial research expertise in the chem- and bioinformatics space, backed by an impressive academic track record.

As Director of Research, Hamed will lead Optibrium’s Research Team to develop and implement breakthrough methods, including quantum mechanical and machine learning approaches, to improve the productivity and efficiency of drug discovery.

Working alongside the Software Development and Business Development teams, Hamed will ensure the translation of Optibrium’s in-house R&D into valuable drug discovery tools and services, such as new metabolism modelling capabilities for the Company’s lead product, StarDrop, a comprehensive suite of drug discovery software.

Hamed joins Optibrium from Illumina, where he focused on computational protein engineering and small molecule design as Bioinformatics Manager. His industrial research experience is complemented by several academic degrees, including a PhD in the Philosophy of Science from the University of Cambridge and a PhD inComputational Drug Design from Purdue University. He completed his postdoctoral research in computational epigenetics and protein engineering at the University of California and has contributed to multiple scientific publications focused on advances in bioinformatics, medicinal chemistry, and computational biology. Starting his career as a Pharmacist at Exir Pharmaceutical Company, Hamed also has expertise in pharmacovigilance and regulation compliance.

Dr Hamed Tabatabaei Ghomi, Director of Research, Optibrium, said: “I am delighted to be joining Optibrium at such a dynamic and exciting stage of growth. Its world-class team sits at the forefront of machine learning and quantum mechanical modelling, and I look forward to translating the Company’s breakthrough R&D into impactful solutions for our customers’ drug discovery programmes.”

Dr Matthew Segall, Chief Executive Officer, Optibrium, said: font-family: “We are pleased to welcome Hamed to the team. His impressive depth of industry and academic experience, centred around computational chemistry and bioinformatics, will drive cutting-edge advances in Optibrium’s R&D, helping us to deliver the latest innovations in drug discovery to our users worldwide.”


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