Opera v12

The latest release of the electromagnetic simulation tool Opera, from Vector Fields, features improved model parameterisation and scripting capabilities to accelerate the virtual prototyping of electromagnetic equipment. The software is available in versions for both 2D and 3D modelling, and an optional optimisation tool is also available.

Application-specific solvers are also available for design work involving rotating machinery, superconducting magnets, particle beams, dielectric insulation, and magnetisation/demagnetisation processes.

Component or system models can be imported from CAD programs, or generated using a built-in geometric modeller. The software includes many time saving features, including macros that automate common tasks, and a new tool that allows users to replay and modify existing models. Adaptive FEA meshing allows users to employ the most efficient resolution for the accuracy of solution required.

Opera also includes a purpose-designed post-processor that simplifies the analysis of results from simulations. As well as displaying electromagnetic field quantities, numerous functions are available to prepare and display results in different format and units that would be suitable for the user.

The optimisation module incorporates a number of algorithmic techniques including stochastic, descent, Pareto and Kriging to improve complex designs involving many degrees of freedom.

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