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ffA has launched GeoTeric, a new seismic interpretation workflow software that directly translates geophysical data into geological information. By focusing on bringing out the Geological Expression captured in seismic data, the software bridges the gaps between seismic processing, interpretation and 3D modelling. ffA’s 3D seismic analysis, frequency decomposition and RGB colour blending technologies are retained within the GeoTeric suite, enabling interpreters to make the most informed, seismically-driven decisions.

GeoTeric includes ffA’s Adaptive Geobodies technology, developed with Lundin Norge, which can generate 3D geobodies based on single or multiple attribute responses intuitively and interactively. Sophisticated 3D manual manipulation tools and the ability to account for the interplay between different elements of the geology make it possible to extract 3D geobodies in areas such as braided channel or karst systems.