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OpenLab ELN v4.1

Agilent Technologies has released version 4.1 of its OpenLab ELN. The latest version offers scientists in analytical research and development an optimised way to document and share experiments and results.

OpenLab ELN v4.1 introduces experimental templates that enable scientists to create, share and reuse their own custom experiment views. The new flexible templates facilitate data entry by allowing scientists to view the experiment desktop as they prefer. These templates can be designed for SOP-driven processes, increasing laboratory efficiencies.

Agilent also claims to have streamlined the analytical request workflow by reducing the number of steps between request and result, improving lab productivity. A specific analytical module has been added for documenting analytical methods, generating sequence files and capturing results. The new module facilitates report creation across one or more samples and techniques. Chromatograms and result files from Agilent ChemStation, Waters Empower or other chromatography data systems (CDS) can be automatically uploaded and associated with the experiment through the seamless integration with Agilent OpenLab ECM scientific data management system.


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