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OPC Toolbox

MathWorks has updated its OPC Toolbox, with it now offering support for the OPC Foundation Historical Data Access (HDA) standard. Matlab users in the power and utilities, chemical, and oil and gas industries can now access and visualise historical process data from an OPC HDA server, identify trends, and perform root cause analysis to help continually improve their operations.

Data acquisition platforms are critical tools for reliably gathering, archiving and serving enterprise data. To perform advanced analyses and extract important information from the massive volumes of process data that is captured requires a powerful analytical engine. With the OPC HDA access in OPC Toolbox, process specialists can more efficiently apply Matlab data visualisation, data analysis, and numeric computation capabilities to historical OPC data. They can also automate common analysis tasks, generate reports, create customised data analysis GUIs, or integrate these analytics back into their process historian.


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