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iAdvantage Software is now offering its web-based eStudy management software as a hosted solution. Dr Fate Thompson, president and CEO of iAdvantage, said: ‘Small- to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies and CROs want to transition to electronic study management (eSM) systems to improve data communication and increase productivity, but at their own pace. Some fast, some slow, but both want minimal impact with regard to transitional downtime and expense. All want full functionality with global access 24/7. They’ve asked for flexibility and scalability without the in-house IT investment and high cost-of-entry. The hosted eStudy solution was created to empower small- to mid-sized pharmas and CROs with the same functionality, security and support our larger clients, who have eStudy installed on-site, are used to.’

Hosted eStudy clients will not only gain full access to eStudy, a truly web-based, feature-rich study management solution which includes study design, e-notebook design, data collection, data analysis and data reporting, but will be supported by back-end training and network operation centres to manage their data storage, security, redundancy and auditable validation (all within a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment) with training and full help desk support.


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