Olympus cellSens Dimension Multichannel 5D Solution module

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The new Multichannel 5D Solution module for Olympus’ cellSens Dimension simplifies microscopy experiments by providing advanced, automated acquisition of Z-stacks, multiple fluorescence channels and time-lapse series.

Able to seamlessly integrate with other Olympus hardware and software platforms, the new module enables the automated acquisition of images in five dimensions (5D): X, Y, Z, multi-channel with transmission overlay, and time-lapse. As a result, this powerful tool can provide researchers with the ability to visualise and analyse multiple features within 3D space as well as monitoring changes over time, thereby enhancing the ability of the cellSens Dimension system to carry out highly customisable and complicated experiments.

When used with the automated Extended Focal Imaging (EFI) tool it is possible to obtain perfectly focused images by extracting the sharpest features from each Z-stack before reassembling them into a single, crystal clear image. Furthermore, the EFI tool can be used to display images in real-time. In addition to providing greater physical and temporal flexibility, the new module is ideally suited to performing co-localisation studies by facilitating the spectral unmixing of overlapping fluorescence emission signals. Simplifying analysis further, the user interface displays only the required tools and features.

In combination with the Olympus cellSens Dimension multi-position module and cellSens Dimension’s built in Multiple Image Alignment (MIA) tool, images from adjacent fields can be flawlessly stitched together to create large panoramas that take advantage of all the features provided by the 5D system. Additionally, the process can be automated to achieve a level of complex analysis not possible using manual control. In this way the 5D platform can be elevated into the 6th dimension, providing users with more flexibility and functionality.