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NovaBackup 14.5

Data protection specialist NovaStor has released version 14.5 of its NovaBackup product family – for PC backup, Windows server backup, Microsoft SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V and VMware backup. The company says the update equips users with greater ease of use and faster access to backup data.

With version 14.5, users can create disaster recovery boot discs in a few clicks, restore single files from image backups and quickly configure a NAS with all security settings as standard backup device, Novastor says.

NovaBackup 14.5 enables users to create an up-to-date disaster recovery disc in only three clicks. The disc serves to boot the system either on the existing or a new hardware after a complete failure or loss. NovaStor’s use of original Windows technology for the disaster recovery disc ensures that users are equipped with a reliable solution for any situation based on the latest technology.

When files have been deleted or lost, NovaBackup 14.5 allows users to restore the data from a file backup or to mount an image for direct file access. The new 'tools' section in version 14.5 guides users in a few clicks to mounting the image, providing access to the files just as if the image is a drive.


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